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Why Should You Hire a Dedicated Development Team?


12 Nov 2021


8:53 AM


12 Nov 2021


8:53 AM

A quick summary: Businesses hire dedicated development teamsto boost the technology capability of their in-house developers. This helps them in quickly reaching their targets economically. Explore all about it here!

Are you a Canadian start-up or an established business that is all set to hire dedicated development team? Congrats on your decision!

Your choice to hire dedicated development team can be rewarding both in the short and long term. Because, youre not just going to extend your technology capabilities, but are going to do it by discovering talents from a borderless world! And, in case, if you are still pondering on your decision to hire a dedicated development team, please hang on with us!

This blog is going to explore and solve all your apprehensions regarding hiring a dedicated development team instead of hiring in-house. You will also discover how software development in Canada can be transformed into a hassle-free cakewalk if you partner with the right technology vendor at the right time.

Cleffex is a reliable custom software development companyin Canada that helps you cut off product backlog and accelerate market entry by providing cross-functional agile teams of software developers. Our teams are capable of providing high-performingIT solutionsthat perfectly fulfill your business goals.

Now, lets move on to further explore some microelements to corroborate your decision to hire dedicated development team.  


If you are wondering what a dedicated development team actually is, here is the explanation.

A dedicated development team is a specific software development collaboration model where well-established companies and growing startups enter into a partnership with a specialized agency. Instead of hiring an in-house team to meet their technology requirements, they choose to hire a dedicated development team of software developers and testers. This dedicated team of developers is not freelancers. They will work along with the clients team on long-term software development projects in close collaboration and communication.

A dedicated development team model usually implies expanding your in-house team by adding an extension of software developers. These professionals will be located in a region with lower development rates. This team will act as an extended arm of your own team. The most favorable regions to outsource developers are Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

To sum up, the model of a dedicated development team comprises three core elements:

  • The client
  • The outsourcing company
  • The dedicated team of developers


When you hire dedicated development team for software development in Canada, it is better to have the essential knowledge about its structure. A typical dedicated software development team consists of: 

Front-end/Back-end/Full-stack developers  its up to you to hire a jack of all trades or specialists.

UI/UX designers create simple, responsive, and user-friendly interfaces.

DevOps Engineers coordinate and balance different development, operations, and testing needs and processes.

QA Specialists ensure the delivery of bug-free solutions supported by test plans and cases.

Project Managers mediate between the client and the developers, and are responsible for planning, directing, tracking progress, and ensuring the project is on time, budget and within scope.

Business Analysts evaluate project requirements, identify pain points, communicate with stakeholders, work together with developers through a project manager, and ensure that all teammates are driven to the same business goal.

A dedicated development team is preferred for large and long-term projects. The term dedicated in this model means that the team is solely and specially dedicated to the client’s project, working round-the-clock.


This part explains how does the dedicated development team model form and start functioning. If you have your mindset forth to hire dedicated development team members its good to have an idea about the features and steps involved in it.

  • The dedicated development model is ideal for large & long-term software projects of diverse businesses: startups, mid-size companies, and enterprises.
  • Though the client usually has direct access to each dedicated software developer, the vendor takes care of the recruitment, training, employee retention, infrastructure, employee perks, and so on.
  • The client is fully convinced about the need to hire dedicated development team members and the project needs. He needs to decide on the team size, the required flexibility factors, and the technical skills of each professional. 
  • The outsourcing vendor then hires and customises a dedicated team to meet the project requirements.
  • The team and the client settle on the workload and project requirements for the stated period of time. The team starts working with the in-house team dedicatedly for the project.



Your decision to hire dedicated development team members depends on diverse factors. This is applicable to software development in Canada or any other region in the world.

1.   If you are a startup in the early stage

If you are an early-stage startup commencing with a technology project, saving costs should be your core priority. You want your project to develop right and grow your business without derailing your budget hiring a dedicated development team is a great choice. This helps you in saving money on recruitment and other team infrastructure.

2.   In-house hiring is not a viable option

You might have an in-house team of developers. But they might be swamped in project works and have no bandwidth to carry out the urgent project in hand. Moreover, this new project requires some additional and niche expertise that your current team is lacking.

3.   Projects with vague requirements and shaky goals

When your idea is still in the discovering stage and you need to be certain about the product-market fit, go ahead and hire a dedicated development team. As you lay the foundation stone for your project through lengthy research, tests, and analysis, having a dedicated development team is a great help to support your project and your in-house team without the fear of extravagance.

4.   Long-term projects with continuous updates

A dedicated development team is ideal for complex and long-term projects with a great potential to expand. Being backed by a talented team of developers helps in uncovering the real potential of the project.


When it comes to software development in Canada, getting the right skillsets is a grave challenge. Software engineers and designers are Canadas most in-demand professionals. Canadian companies exhaust the market as soon as qualified software professionals become available. Its not just technology companies that need software developers; non-tech companies also need different software applications to function efficiently. And hence there is a huge demand for techies in Canadas provinces.  

The country has a large and growing talent gap in information technology. Filling your software skill gap is the best way to get your project up and running, and heres where Cleffex can help.

We can formulate a flexible team model to suit your unique requirements. We can discuss the possibility of having a mix of onshore and offshore experts wherein the project managers and leads will be in Canada and the agile team of seasoned developers working from India. This model has seen great success for many of our clients, and team customization and seamless collaboration are some of our high points.

If you have a software project idea but are pushing it back due to the unavailability of rightly skilled technology experts hire a dedicated development team. We are happy to help.Contact us now!


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