IoT Application Development Services

Cleffex is a trusted provider of IoT application development services in Canada. As the convenience of the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a vital part of our future lives, developing high-quality web and mobile IoT software is crucial. We help you build a smart business digital ecosystem around connected devices.

IOT development Services
IOT development Services
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IoT Application Development Company

As a fast-growing IoT application development company in Canada, Cleffex has the expertise to design, develop, integrate, and implement end-to-end IoT solutions to meet your unique business needs. Our IoT consultants help you build seamlessly connected ecosystems through innovative products. We create industry-based solutions for healthcare, entertainment, automobile, hospitality, transportation, and so on. By collaborating with us, you are joining hands with an IoT app development services specialist that has proficiency in all stages of IoT adoption.

Choose Cleffex for state-of-the-art IoT application development services.

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Secure a Smartly-Connected Future

Cleffex is one of the most trusted providers of IoT application development services with its mastery spread out to other mainstream domains as well. You can entrust us with anything from consulting, prototyping, developing to maintenance and enhancement. We assure the best of digital transformation to diversified industrial domains by always catering to your exact needs. Through a personalized approach model, we can fetch you the best results with unmatched quality standards across all our business-oriented IoT development services.

Let our  IoT application development services help you smartly integrate the physical and digital worlds for a connected future.

IOT development Services

Get strategic digital solutions by employing our innovative IoT app development services.

Client Cases

Our Core IoT Application Development Services

We deliver top-notch software solutions for connected devices ensuring a smartly connected ecosystem. We get this done through our expertise in a diverse range of IoT application development services.


Mobility and IoT application development services are opening up endless possibilities for organizations around the world. Our IoT mobility solutions offer sound strategies to help your business thrive in the evolving mobile landscape.

Enterprise Application Development

Harness the power of our IoT services in Canada with custom solutions that are built to empower businesses with sophisticated IoT products. Leverage our expertise to get a scalable and secure foundation for your enterprise’s technology infrastructure. 

Data Analytics

As a flourishing IoT application development company, our IoT Data Analytics Services help in smartly taming the huge data volumes generated by IoT devices. This results in optimized operations, automated process control, more customer engagement, and employee empowerment.

Cloud Computing & Embedded Systems

The next generation of embedded systems on cloud computing seamlessly integrate the software and hardware to deliver robust solutions. Our cloud-based IoT solutions boost scalability, performance, and productivity, and enable pay-as-you-go.

Our IoT Development Services Technology Competence

Raspberry Pi with OpenWrt
Raspberry Pi with OpenWrt
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IOT Services

Why Cleffex for IoT Development Services

Our team of Internet of Things experts possess experience and deep business understanding of business and technologies to build custom IoT software solutions that meet high market standards. Our expertise ranges from the web and mobility to the cloud, enterprise applications, big data analytics, BI, etc. .

We build solutions with a futuristic perspective so that they stay relevant over time. Our custom-made IoT ecosystems are designed to boost operational efficiency, customer experience, and business growth. We focus on result-oriented IoT development and enable businesses to focus on business growth. 

IoT is all about data. The connected devices function by capturing and transmitting valuable customer data. Insights provided by our custom-made IoT applications can help you create a recurring revenue business model that might benefit you with a lower cost of sales and re-selling, higher CLV, etc. 

Hire our IoT experts to get the full potential of the Internet of Things for any industry and vertical.

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    Industries We Cater to


    We help companies of all sizes realise the full potential of the Internet of Things and offer IoT development services for any industry domain. We turn their technology ideas into realities by providing industry-specific​ custom IoT application development services​ that exceed their expectations​.


    As a reliable IoT application development company, we design and deliver a large assortment of digital tools and IoT services for connected healthcare and wellness. We create smartly connected healthcare environments, tracking and monitoring software, intelligent data solutions, etc. 



    We help you build a pleasurable and wholesome retail experience by integrating connected technology and intelligent analytics into your operations. We build smart stores that work for you, IoT solutions that optimize supply chain and inventory management, automated workflow, etc. 



    We build custom IoT application development services​ that help you monitor multiple activities like supply chain, warehousing,  transportation, etc. simultaneously. Solutions that ensure security and theft detection, employee security, analytics-based insights, improved delivery, etc. are our hallmark. 


    Home Automation

    Our IoT solutions team offers smart home solutions that enable you to monitor and control the attributes you want to manage. Our experts use IoT solutions to simplify your everyday life, automate your routine, and help you enjoy safer homes with AI technologies.



    As a trust-worthy provider of IoT development services​ in Canada we have expertise in creating a better-connected and more collaborative future for education. We build solutions by understanding teachers/staff and students’ perceptions and focusing on creating a safer educational environment.



    Innovative IoT development services​ play a key role in using IoT assets to connect machines and systems together. By employing a network of sensors to collect vital production data it helps the business to remain competitive by deriving valuable insights. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    IoT enables all of the world’s devices to be connected. These connected devices will then communicate with one another and with us using industry-standard protocols. The communication will provide organizations with potential information and insights to greatly improve their competencies.

    IoT Services provides the information for you to make better decisions. You can develop the best possible solutions with this information to save your time, resources, operating costs, and more. It also makes it possible for you to design optimal customer products and services.

    IoT can make your performance smarter, improve product/service quality, and help you gain better overall maintenance and management.

    An IoT Solution is a properly integrated set of technologies, including several sensors, that businesses can use to solve a problem or generate new benefits to the organization.

    IoT solutions aid in the development of large networks of IoT devices by decreasing complexity, assuring device efficiency and facilitating innovation across industries seeking growth opportunities and operational efficiencies. 

    The profit margins of businesses can be boosted by using well-designed IoT solutions. Properly using IoT frameworks proves increased operational efficiency and ROI.

    Data transmission between the IoT gateway and the server is encrypted using a combination of strong encryption standards.

    Yes, we can integrate data from the IoT gateway into any new or old legacy system.

    The Raspberry Pi is a tiny and affordable single-board computer. It can run the core operating systems of Linux and Windows 10. Raspberry Pi may be used as an IoT Edge Computing device to connect a local area network of microcontroller-based devices to the internet.

    We assess the scope and level of scalability required by your project during the requirement analysis phase. Depending on your needs, we can scale our IoT solutions.

    An IoT solution takes 4 to 6 months to design (depending on your requirements). Meanwhile, the Proof-Of-Concept (PoC) may be delivered in two months.

    Please contact our sales team if you need more information on establishing an IoT solution for your company.