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As a top software quality assurance services in Canada, we assure a comprehensive package of innovative software QA services and software testing services. Our dedicated software testing services specialists have in-depth knowledge in end-to-end testing (manual & automated) of web/mobile applications, and other digital platforms and tools.

software QA services
software QA services
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Software QA Services

Cleffex is a reliable software quality assurance services provider in Canada with a capable team of skilled software QA services professionals. With more than a decade of experience in the QA and testing domain, we have delivered great customer experiences around the world. We value the reputation of our clients and partners over everything else. Therefore, the testing team at Cleffex offering end-to-end software testing services in Canada takes meticulous care in delivering the highest quality products with every function, working error-free and as intended.

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A Next-Gen Software Testing Company

As a leading next-gen software testing company in Canada, we focus on tests that learn what really matters to users. Our on-demand software testing services ensure flexibility, scalability, affordability, and assured performance. Our expertise in a wide range of software quality assurance services including software testing automation focuses on not just making your product glitch-free, but successful. 

Move toward your business goals as we deliver futuristic software quality assurance services.

Software Quality assurance services

Our Software Testing & Software QA Services

As Canada’s leading software testing company, we know Quality Assurance inside out. We can custom-design any implementation or upgrade to your business goals and modernize your platform for a faster, safer, easier customer and user experience.

Performance Testing

Correcting inefficient responsiveness, instability and increased loading time can be achieved by performance testing. Our profound experience in performance testing encompasses executing quality checks and software behavior analysis under load and stress. Such scalable QA services guarantee flawless, reliable and smarter applications. 


Functional Testing

Constantly validating every software system to confirm that each functional requirement of the application meets the expected result. We are an experienced software testing company that implements functional testing to primarily focus on database, user interface, security, APIs, server or client application and similar functionalities of the application. 


Usability Testing

Since multiple functions of an application operate concurrently, our software QA services ensure constant monitoring of application behavior. Our software testing services include an in-depth analysis of customer behavior patterns that identify potential usability issues in the initial phase of the process to build a seamless product.


Security Testing

Discover potential vulnerabilities of a running application by enabling security testing with every release. Our QA services are performed by a talented pool of test engineers who execute security testing and risk assessment to shield every application from external malicious threats and hackers. 


Mobile App Testing

Security, scalability and multi-platform support are the cornerstones of a functioning mobile application. Cleffex is an experienced software testing company that offers cross-platform, functional/non-functional testing with a manual and automated approach for diverse mobile applications.


Compatibility Testing

Explore the multiple possibilities of compatibility testing with Cleffex’s end-to-end QA services wherein an application is tested in detail across different browsers, hardware, databases, operating systems, resolution displays, server infrastructures, and devices to check compatibility and performance. 

Ride a journey of enviable digital success with our professional software testing services in Canada!

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Core Software Quality Assurance Services

Our software testing services are designed to improve your ROI!

Be it custom software developed by our team or third-party products, our software quality assurance services team relentlessly focuses on delivering the best products that quicken your return on investment (ROI). From the product architecture creation to the product delivery stage, our intense hands and modern tools work hard to ensure highly-functional, bug-free, and stable-working software.

Test Consultation Services

Get customized software testing services to suit your business strategies. Our consultation Software QA services in Canada cover QA Process, Maturity Assessment & Tool feasibility Services.

Automation Testing Services

Our Agile automation testing specialists are well-versed in offering web automation, mobile automation, and API testing services to improve your time-to-market.

Standardized QA Services

Our Agile software quality assurance testers undertake Functional, Compatibility, System, Usability, Regression, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) services.

Specialized QA Services

Get Security Testing, Agile Testing, Big Data Analytics Testing, Performance Testing, Crowd Testing, Mobility Testing, and Testing as a Service (TaaS) services.

Our Software Testing Services Technology Competence

Robot Framework
Robot Framework
Rest Assured
Rest Assured

Ride a journey of enviable digital success with a reliable team of software QA testers.

What Makes Our Software QA services Exceptional

Agile Methodology icon

Our Agile Methodology

As a leading software testing company in Canada, we employ a rapid, intuitive and agile approach to transform our QA  solutions into quality engineering products. Our methodology comprises DevOps practices that simultaneously manage multiple operations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Outcome icon

Our Outcome-Driven Approach

Our approach to custom software development and software QA services is agile in nature. Our teams are adaptive and proficient to the latest technology methods and standards to identify the tasks and deliver the best-in-class business solutions for the application

Our Assured icon

Our Assured Transparency

We are an experienced software testing company that eliminates bottlenecks by identifying the root cause. We offer you access to multiple channels like video conferencing, online meetups, and shared tools for real-time project tracking. This ensures transparency and visibility in our everyday tasks.

Cost-Effective icon

Our Cost-Effective Solutions

Identifying errors at the right time can reduce costs, save man-hours and fix problems faster. With our automated software QA services in Canada, we can perform different test scenarios multiple times until we achieve results that are satisfactory for all the concerned stakeholders.

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Our Accelerated Deliverables

We enable you to achieve accelerated application delivery cycles without having to compromise the quality of codes. As a professional software testing company in Canada, we use quicker testing options and wider coverage that are provided by test automation solutions. 

Our Quality icon

Our Quality Standards

With our software QA services in Canada, you can reduce your manual workforce that performs repetitive testing that is prone to errors. This lets you employ human resources in more tasks and adopt test automation as a sure-shot solution to excel in everyday tasks with consistent and accurate results. 

Get access to a specialized set of skilled resources for your unique requirements on software testing  services and QA projects.  

QA services

Why Cleffex is best software testing company?

As Canada’s leading software testing company in Canada, we know Quality Assurance inside out. We can custom-design any implementation or upgrade to your business goals and modernize your platform for a faster, safer, easier customer and user experience. 

Our team encompasses business process specialists as well as the best QA minds. Together they create innovative QA services with a clear focus on both quality and your ROI.

As a reliable software testing company, we ensure that your custom software project works perfectly as a standalone and in combination with your unique technology landscape.

In web design and web development, content is the king. We understand the relevance of optimal content marketing for your digital solutions. That is why, as part of our website development services we have exclusive teams that deal solely with content development to ensure that the final deliverable is of high quality.

Our long relationships with top enterprise brands from different industry verticals give us extensive knowledge of what you will need to test in every upcoming release.

Automation and artificial intelligence are part of our QA services – enabling us to accelerate processes, reduce time-to-market, save on costs and streamline UX.

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