Dedicated Resource

Hire Dedicated Resources to Augment Your In-House Team Capabilities

Work on your specific niche by hiring a dedicated team with enhanced industry exposure. Attain peak project efficiency and on-time completion with our skilled, seasoned resources.

Trusted by Leading Brands in Canada

Hire Dedicated Resources With Agile Proficiency

Lacking the necessary resources to manage your software development process will hinder your timely project completion. Cleffex’s dedicated resources model provides agile, cross-functional, virtual teams of committed resources to improve your in-house technical skills.

We carefully pick IT personnel familiar with your unique technical requirements and are up to date on industry best practices. Our specialized resources provide a rare combination of expertise, experience, responsibility, and client focus.

We ensure that your project will be completed professionally, on time, and to your satisfaction. Hire our most talented developers to work on a specific niche with a variety of technologies and save on recruiting, training, and infrastructure costs.

Specialized Expertise for Purpose-Driven Projects

Our Agile teams help to create and implement your vision. We help you create game-changing digital customer experiences by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and proven expertise to build scalable solutions.

Our Industry Expertise

Banking & Finance
Fitness & Sports
Media & Entertainment
Retail & Ecommerce
Travel & Tourism
Food & Drink
Real Estate

Why Choose Us to Strengthen Your Team

Enhanced In-House Tech Competence

Choose the relevant talents when and when you need them, reducing the need for expensive in-house recruiting and training.

Increased Focus On Your Business

We handle your IT needs with well-thought-out plans and full accountability, enabling you to concentrate on your company.

Experts Available At All Times

Our strong and adaptable resource augmentation system enables seamless team scalability to meet changing demands.

A Crew That Is Ready To Deploy

A crew that is ready to start working on a project immediately away, increasing efficiency and reducing time-to-market.

Top-Notch Delivery

Our agile teams deliver unique ideas and a complete devotion to your project’s objectives, resulting in user-centered solutions.

Save Your Time, Money, And Hassle

We handle infrastructure, training, and recruiting, providing a cost-effective and time-saving option without the hassles of in-house employment.

Bring More Focus to Your Core Competencies

Have total control over the software development process with easy and direct interaction with our chosen resources at any time. Explore Cleffex’s specialized strategies today and fill your in-house skill gap.

Our Team Extension Process

You may engage a fully managed agile team or even individual expertise; whatever it takes to meet your business requirements! It’s only five straightforward and transparent steps.

Requirement Assessment

Assess project needs

Resource Selection

Select the right talent

Screening and Interviews

Determine candidate suitability

Contract Finalization

Establish the hiring process

Team Integration

Onboarding and integrating new team members

Get The Most Out of Your Software Projects

We not only provide the finest resources but also the best IT and software skills to ensure that projects go smoothly. Add our specialized agile resources to your in-house team for more capabilities.

Benefits of Hiring Our Dedicated Resources

Clients Take the Lead

Choose your IT specialists, engage in screening, and create a dedicated team that is really yours.

Fully Agile

Our Distributed Agile Teams Model allows for quick development and timely delivery. Even our non-IT teams are fully agile.

Progressive Mindset

Dynamically shaped culture that has worldwide reach and acclamation to help you make informed decisions.


Our self-directed agile teams are fully accountable, operate autonomously, and are true to our claims.


Teams with various abilities encourage departmental collaboration and help develop new solutions.


We customize teams by rearranging members, acquiring fresh talent, and providing help from top architects.

Collaboration is Seamless

There are no cultural, linguistic, or time zone obstacles. We ensure that everyone is in the loop including stakeholders.

Reliable and Efficient Project Completion With Cleffex

Hire seasoned software development talent pools and never miss project deadlines by employing our dedicated resources. Or choose our full-cycle development team rather than just in-house team augmentation with our Agile Projects service model.

Discuss your project needs with Cleffex’s personalized agile teams.

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