Why Should You Develop a Food Delivery App in Canada?

Food Delivery App for Canada

The food delivery app market in Canada is on a booming growth stage as most Canadians have grown in favour of eating in rather than dining out.

If you are a food start-up or a restaurant owner, it is a great idea to have a food delivery app to cash in on this thriving scenario. Here you will get to know some notable online food ordering trends and their implications on the food delivery mobile app development scenario in the region. And the icing on the cake is, you are going to discover some fundamental tips to make your food delivery mobile app development successful. Yes, our on-demand delivery app consultants have shared some of their insights to help you.

The Surge of Food Delivery Apps. Why Can’t You Ignore It?

Many dine-in restaurant businesses in the US, Canada, and the world across experienced serious setbacks (many of them forced to cease operations, and some will never reopen). The restaurant empire of British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver went belly-up recently, and one of the reasons has been pointed out is the surging demand for online food delivery apps and services. It is a fact that the demand for ready-to-eat delivered food has increased 10 times faster than dine-out.

Greater demand for convenience and continually swamped up days are the major contributing factors that boost food delivery services and food delivery apps. Moreover, the entry of the COVID-19 pandemic served as an additional boost to the food delivery industry. These apps indeed served as a beacon of hope in the otherwise crumbling food/restaurant industry. Many of them survived closure threats due to scanty footfalls during lockdown by rolling out food delivery apps that served customers where they are. Many independent restaurants in the US and Canada have switched to takeaways or online food delivery services.

Moreover, who can withstand the temptation to spend a relaxed evening with on-demand Netflix and on-demand dinner?!!!

So, it is clear that adapting to the changed scenario is the way out for restaurants to stay in business. They need to accept the changed customer habits and meet the changing demands without adamantly clinging to the outdated foodservice models. In order to remain financially stable and to evolve in the ever-changing foodservice industry, you need to embrace a mobile app development strategy. The naked truth is that even after consumers feel comfortable eating out again, their obsession with getting food delivered to their homes will never end. Therefore, it’s better to change your strategy rather than wait for your customers to change their tastes in the post-pandemic world.

Before going into these details, let’s dive into some crucial statistics and trends related to food delivery in Canada and the US to make the picture clear.

Crucial Statistics on Food Delivery Trends

Now, are you allured to venture into the food delivery mobile app development? Are you eager to take advantage of the growing food delivery business? Hold on. We’ve compiled some suggestions from our specialist mobile app developers, designers, and consultants on customized ordering and delivery solutions.

5 Cool Tips from Our Experts to Make a Perfect Food Delivery App

1.   Stay distinct with differentiation

The food delivery market is an almost saturated market, which also means that it is a highly active market.  As competitors are fighting for the larger size of the same market, remaining innovative with your food delivery app is the key to success. Never mimic existing delivery apps. Customers are always looking for something new and hence give them that. The trick is to do a simple twist on a great existing concept.

Observe what your competitors are not doing and integrate some unique features to make your app stand distinct. These features could be anything like real-time tracking, food customization options, scheduling, dine-in reservation, monthly subscription, etc. Find out some unique and advanced features and integrate them into your food ordering and delivery app.

2.   Face the competition with clear objectives

As you are entering a highly competitive market, it’s prudent to enter it with clearly defined objectives. Identify your target market and choose your business models based on rigorous research. As you can’t have it all in the beginning, note down the essential features before you pass the task to an experienced mobile app development team. Start with a few unique features that deliver a top-notch experience to users, restaurants, delivery providers, and admins.

If you are preparing to grab a solid digital presence for your restaurant do not start by putting your entire menu on the app. If some items cannot be delivered fresh and crisp, or if some particular food items can travel well without becoming soggy, or if some of them require some special packing that can’t be done by you, avoid them from your home delivery list.

Likewise, it’s good for startups to be liberal in giving discounts and coupons to gain a big customer base and s solid grip in the market. Scheme out plans and strategies to face the competition confidently.

3.   Keep the customers and restaurants happy

Having a food delivery app adds additional responsibility to your already running restaurant business. You need to manage your live restaurant activities along with handling delivery services. But this addition of tasks shouldn’t let you compromise your customer service.

Managing a mobile app will be a lighter deal if you are a startup and do not have any restaurant set up with dine-in facilities. In this case, you need to be careful with your relationship with other restaurants. Restaurants need to pay between 15% and 35% of the total cost of the order as commission and heavy commission rates and other issues can cause complaints among them. You need to find a middle path that keeps both customers and restaurants happy.

4.   Try your hands on different categories of on-demand services

Are you planning to build an on-demand food delivery app that delivers only the traditionally dine-in food items? If yes, tweak your idea a little! Make your food ordering and delivery mobile app development idea into a digital platform that delivers not only foods but also groceries, beverages, and alcohol. The gist is to give your customers the handiness of ordering diverse food items in one place.

What Now?

Want to launch a custom food delivery app for Canada? If yes, we are ready to offer a business-centric solution crafted by our dedicated mobile app development experts. Our solutions are guaranteed to give you complete control over all restaurant business activities. Call us now to get started.

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