Tracking User Behavior with Custom Website Analytics

Custom Website Analytics for Tracking User behaviour – Data Collection, Analysis, and Tools


11 Oct 2023


4:44 AM


11 Oct 2023


4:44 AM

Custom website analytics is crucial in understanding how your consumers engage with your brand and products. It facilitates analyzing and understanding of user behaviour. Doing so will enable you to identify any pain areas and improve the customer experience. 

This is made possible when you partner with an industry-leading software development company. You can hire developers from that company for their specialization in custom website development, frontend development, UI UX design, and more to further boost your chances.

But, first and foremost, how do you assess user behaviour?

In an offline/physical store you will be able assess user behaviour by observing how customers walk, interact, or appear confused while navigating the aisles. However, this is not the case for online users. When it comes to ecommerce websites, the visibility you have for each customer is restricted, and you will most likely struggle to grasp how they behave.

And if you don’t analyze their behaviour to find out their concerns, pain points, and preferences, they will not return to your store. They will never do business with a company again if they have had a bad customer experience.

So theres no passing up on tracking user behaviour with the best approaches and tools.

This blog will assist you in analyzing the behaviour of your visitors using custom website analytics for improved customer experiences. Also, we will go over important ideas like visitor behaviour analysis as well. Well, lets get on with it then.

What Is User Behaviour Analytics (UBA)? Why Need It for Custom Website Analytics?

UBA is a technique used for custom website analytics that captures user activity and then integrates and analyzes that data to understand how and why consumers engage with a product or website. In essence, evaluating user behaviour allows you to understand consumers in the same manner that you would in a traditional context , say, a physical store.

The data gathered over time will help you to identify what changes you need to make to improve the customer experience and increase sales. User analytics may help you mimic this for your SaaS product and website visitors along with the backing of professional custom website development services.

A standard monitoring tool, such as Google Analytics, can tell you what’s going on with your website’s visitors, but it’s not designed to explain why they act the way they do.

User behaviour analytics is notable in that it delivers both quantitative and qualitative datathe what and whyto aid in decision-making.

As we progress through this post, you will see many types of user behaviour tracking as well as tools to help you do a proper user behaviour analysis. But, before we go any further, it’s important to understand the difference between behaviour analytics and behavioural analytics.

Both names appear to be synonymous, however they are not. Behavioural analytics is concerned with forecasting user behaviour. Behaviour analytics is focused on optimizing user experience, be it for UI UX design or frontend development.

What Really Are User Behaviour Metrics for Custom Website Analytics?

Custom website analytics make use of data on user activity metrics to tell how your visitors interact with your website or app.

Key metrics to check for while tracking user behaviour include:

  • Conversion (converting website visitors into trial users, then paying customers, and so on)
  • Leading trial users to the wow factor and activation pointthe point at which they immediately notice how your service makes their lives better
  • Activation by the user
  • Adoption is completed

Tracking each of these data reveals which stages in the customer journey are flexible, where users encounter issues, and what delivers value to them. And you can solve these concerns and issues when you hire developers with professional competency.

Types Of User behaviour Analytics Data That Can Be Tracked

There are several types of user analytics that can be used for custom website analytics. In this part, we will discuss the critical ones and why every product marketer should be watching them.

1. User Behaviour Analytics Tracking of Product and Feature Engagement 

These are stats that are based on user interactions. They inform you which user did what and where each user is in their journey. These metrics also allow you to discover which features people are most interested in. And if there are poor performing ones, try seeking the help of a seasoned UI UX design service provider.

Take it a step further by grouping several events in custom events to chart a specific journey or under a goal to track various milestones attained. Userpilot is a fantastic tool for tracking user data. Based on pre-defined categories, goals, and custom events, the platform may display to you which users have accomplished particular pre-defined activities. Monitor product usage and identify when consumers hit particular milestones in their journey.

And dont forget to partner with a professional software development company if youre not confident enough to fix the issues with your website or app.

2. Heatmaps And Session Recordings

These are user behaviour records that you may watch to observe what the users performed in a single session. To give more thorough information, session recordings can be combined with product engagement statistics. This will be useful when revamp your website or app with expert frontend development.

Engagement metrics can tell you how many product clicks occurred per time, but session records allow you to discover why the clicks occurred. You can instantly identify rage clicks from regular clicks by monitoring those recordings and behaviour flow reports for future UI UX design approaches.

The data will alert you promptly if there is a defect or point of friction that requires immediate remedy. If it is on the technical side, you should hire capable developers. Heatmaps may track user activity across a page, website, or product and display statistics such as clicks and scrolls.

3. Analytics For User And Product Experience

This records consumer experience across your website and app, with the ultimate objective of improving usability.

There are two sorts of user behaviour insights to look out for to aid with custom website analytics:

  • Qualitative Attitudinal Metrics: These assess how customers feel about your product based on variables such as loyalty, usability, and satisfaction. Customer feedback is an important method for quantifying qualitative data.
  • Quantitative Behavioural Metrics: These measurements go beyond user experience to assess how people engage with your product. Retention rates, abandonment rates, churn rates, and task success are key product experience measures.

There are so many aspects related to custom website analytics that contribute to the overall product experience that it can be difficult to identify which to measure.

Below are the most critical user experience indicators to keep an eye on:

  • Customer satisfaction rating
  • Time allotted to each assignment
  • Rate of customer retention
  • The rate of user mistake
  • Customer effort rating
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Customer turnover

Winding Up

Theres no denying that user behaviour tracking is necessary for custom website analytics. Among other things, it is a fantastic way for improving product experience and raising retention rates.

As previously stated, combining quantitative and qualitative analytics yields better outcomes than using only one technique. There are several tools available on the market to assist you with this.

And for the last words, make sure you partner with an accomplished software development company to further strengthen your business foundation.


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