Unique Selling Points of Independent Software Testing Companies

Unique Selling Points of Independent Software Testing Companies


28 Mar 2022


3:33 PM


28 Mar 2022


3:33 PM

The need to rely on independent software testing companies and their value proposition is equally gaining traction with todays digital transformation. The current digital wave is raising existing scope possibilities, and bringing brand new ones as well. This calls for highly advanced and all-encompassing software testing services powered by top-tier technologies. It helps them to be more flexible to adapt to the dynamic market nature.

Technologies such as social media, the Cloud, smartphones, etc. are etched within user appetites. So, partnering with an outsourcing software testing company should mostly go about getting your technology and the customer satisfaction aspect right. The organizations can gain advantages with end-to-end Agile methodologies, and proven innovations. 

Although the predicament of whether to do in-house testing or outsource it to an independent software testing company persists. The in-house software testing services have their set of advantages. But the unrivaled efficiency and value proposition brought by testing companies are what make them an ideal go-to for enterprises.

The current digital timelines flat-out pace paves the way to the digital transformation weve been seeing every day. The growth scale of software testing companies has been advancing due to their aggressive market traction and demand among client organizations.

Two scenarios make this possible – the first, in which a firm develops a product in-house and decides to outsource it to a software testing company as an external agency, the second, in which a corporation outsources development to an external company and testing to a third company.

This creates a perfect circumstance in which the requirement to split development and testing activities highlights the fact that performing software testing in silos has better benefits.


Independent testing is a collection of tests carried out by a single software testing company or more than one professional software testing services provider. These testing firms will not be affiliated with the product development team. And a wide range of applications may be tested independently with the help of software testing companies.


While hiring software testing companies, you will have fundamental benefits in terms of saving your in-house operational costs, time, effort, and resources. They are explained below in detail with other ones as well.

1. Critical Expertise

By choosing to hire an independent software testing services provider, you can remove the bias that will fall as an attachment to your brainchild. Even your core pain points can be resolved with the support of an software testing company.

These independent software testing companies will also help you to close any product gaps that exist or go unnoticed for your software to be bug-free. The process will be carried out from scratch with their expert know-how.

The Agile approach will be mostly implemented by these software testing services providers rather than a siloed one. This ensures more practicality to retain the product signature without any bias in its quality.

2. Unbiased Reporting

An independent software testing company can help you resolve this common ethical issue. While carrying out in-house reporting, it will either be biased or subjective due to an aligned mindset of personnel. This might cause the software to have performance limitations due to as critical bugs are neglected, or lead to minimal fixes. Therefore, no actual improvements will be done to the software due to the unfavorable reports. But if you employ independent software testing companies, they will carry out unbiased reporting to ensure the best bug fixes for your product.

3. Comprehensive Test Coverage

An external software testing services provider would assist you with an impartial judgment in their comprehensive test coverage. It will help in identifying all of the product’s essentials during end-to-end testing.

The shift left method if implemented early by an independent software testing company, outcomes become more complete. This happens due to automated frameworks and optimized CI/CD procedures that result in faster iterations. Extensive test coverage becomes possible with precise and consistent objectives and goals.

This is how independent software testing companies undoubtedly offer value to enterprises more than their in-house counterparts.

4. Specialized Skill Set in Software Testing Services

The specific skill set of testers is a significant benefit that you gain while working with an independent software testing services provider. In-house testing may have subpar results since their expertise is in their principal product rather than software testing.

A software testing companys specialized skill set can go a long way toward assisting product companies to receive accurate and effective outcomes. As specialist software testing services focus on all things testing, this would assist to minimize resource wastage and time to market.

Independent software testing companies offer an advantage over in-house testing in terms of constant innovation and upgrades to catch up with the current market. They also carry out impeccable knowledge transfers due to the niche skill set they possess.

5. Time-to-Market is Quicker

By utilizing their specialized skill set, software testing services providers facilitate faster procedures and frameworks. This will be operated in tandem with a certain group of testers and subject experts to find problems and flaws early on. As these defects are precisely documented and impartially reported by a software testing company, remediation becomes easier.

6. On-shore and Off-shore Presence

Independent software testing companies do not simply operate in silos for software testing requirements. They also deploy engineers on-site to work directly with production companies in their testing efforts by the stated requirements and demands.

This offers a software testing company a better perspective in terms of examining the entire product with the testing criteria. It also allows product firms to have parallel activities in terms of development and testing in-house but with external testers.

7. Reasonable Pricing

Hiring independent software testing companies is more economical than assigning in-house alternatives for your testing requirements. In-house personnel lack the powerful proficiency of an external software testing company which is why things could go very wrong with them.

This will only increase your expenses as overheads since you will have to keep rectifying the errors again. The in-house scalability aspect wont be easy on your pocket as well which is even if it sometimes seems heftier, an software testing services provider is the ideal choice.

You will be saved from unnecessary in-house onboarding costs because with an software testing company you only need to pay for what you use. So, always try to go for this economical investment.

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits offered by software testing companies, there are some other crucial things youve got to watch out for. Well dig on them too.


The choice of the right software testing services provider is always a real hassle. If your testing process is not handled by the right hands for testing, the result will be disastrous.

So, always look out for the following before choosing an independent software testing company:

  • Time zone, cultural and language barriers
  • Software testing services of mediocre quality
  • Delayed dispatches, and support
  • Lack of solid security mechanisms in the software testing company
  • Lack of planning that derails operational control

You can avoid all these risk factors associated with software testing companies if you conduct thorough background checks on them. Delegate a software testing company only when youre sure they are trustworthy and stay true to their claims. So, invest a good amount of time before making your final decision.


There are some critical risks that are associated with external software testing services providers. Watch out for these as well.

1. Isolation

There is a good chance that the testers in the software testing company of your choice will be isolated. It might manifest as interpersonal separation from other department personnel such as designers, project team members, developers, etc. It can also manifest as isolation from the business objectives, making them unaware of it.

2. Communication Issues

Independent testers or freelancers operate differently from other team members. This might cause some communication barriers between them, you, or even any other clients. It might even cultivate hateful emotions while delivering its software testing services.

3. Work Interference

There are some stakeholders in every organization who want to interfere in just about every testing procedure done by independent software testing companies. They are responsible for causing massive delays from the testers end and a reason for developers to always blame testers.

So ensure you dont come across or choose independent software testing companies that are likely to give you all these critical risk factors.


All the above-mentioned information about independent software testing companies is not the ultimate. But it surely elucidates why it is important and why you need the support of software testing services. To be part of the ongoing digital transformation you have to overhaul your products to be highly competitive and efficient. This way it will stand out as every users go-to choice. It will remain at par with the industry standards with its wholesome attributes and most importantly – quality. So always choose an independentsoftware testing companythat can ensure exemplary, end-to-end testing solutions. This will make your products value-added and offer users a seamless experience.


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