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Mobile App Designers, Here’s How To Make Your App Stand Out


27 Apr 2022


7:56 PM


27 Apr 2022


7:56 PM

Attention mobile app designers!

Are you looking for ways to make sure your mobile app will beat the competition? Here are some tried and tested methods recommended by our expert team of mobile app developers that you can use.  


It is an open secret – mobile apps are one of the must-have profits-generating tools for several different industries. Available data shows that mobile apps convert up to three times more traffic into sales, helping a conversion rate of almost 6%.  Most companies now have realized the potential of mobile apps and are investing heavily in their digital presence, and this includes relying on reputed mobile app development services. But this brings us to the most important question – how do you make yourself stand out in all this competition? Keep reading to find that out!

Before you venture into a space that is already crowded with options, you need to remember some things. The key to building digital products that will beat the competition and delight your customers is:

·       Understanding the requirements of your customers and users

·       Comparing and correlating them with your business model

·       Analyzing the existing competition – that includes their products, marketing strategies, and methods of communication.


In developing effective mobile app designs, there are circumstances in which an already existing mobile app needs improvements or the addition of some new features. Most often, the reasons include outdated technology, low programming standards, or a lack of connection to business objectives. Such mobile apps do not fulfill their function, do not generate much profit, and do not provide any value to the end-users.

With the advancement in technology, digital products are becoming obsolete extremely fast – at an alarming rate. Most mobile app designs are in constant need of upgrades and redesign. While sometimes all they need is a redesign and a new UX, sometimes it is more economical and easier to go for a completely new application. In such a situation, experienced mobile app designers recommend two approaches:

·       Build an application right from the scratch

·       Improve existing functionalities

Which is the better approach depends on multiple factors and will be different for each mobile application. Reputed mobile app development services often conduct a UX and code audit along with a business analysis before deciding on the right approach for an app.


Simply creating a mobile application is not enough. You need to take into account some key points if you want your next mobile app to be successful:

·       Product design and UX/UI 

In building a functional application UX/UI design and software development are equally important. Interactive mobile app designs created according to the UX/UI principles can keep the users engaged and improve conversion rates. While the aesthetics of a digital product are important, mobile app designers need to keep in mind that they give more importance to the overall customer journey.

·       Application architecture  

System architecture is the basis of building mobile applications. Just like the reasons for building a mobile application varies vastly, so does the product architecture. Experienced mobile app developers treat each case differently, taking into account the app’s goals, maturity, and other specifics.

·       Data security 

It has now become a crucial requirement when developing applications to enable the highest code quality and system architecture in terms of stability and security. Cybersecurity has become one of the most important issues for every software platform now. A breach in the app security can harm your online reputation significantly. Therefore, it is important to carefully design the security aspects of your app beforehand.

·       Affirmation of business hypothesis  

Irrespective of whether you are building a new app or modifying an existing app, you should make sure that the mobile app design relates to the core business objectives. There are multiple ways to test the efficacy of an app and the two most popular methods are digital prototyping and MVPs (Minimum Viable Products). While the former lets us validate assumptions using low-code or no-code prototypes during tests with actual users, MVPs let us test a hypothesis using a working piece of software. They both have their pros and cons, and it is therefore, important to take into account your requirement before finalizing an approach.

·       Focus on human-centered design approach  

Remember that your mobile app designs are ultimately communicating with people – people who use those digital products for psychological, emotional, or socio-cultural reasons. Apart from the app’s basic performance and functionality, you need to understand what real meaning the app gives to its users and what requirements it fulfills. This criterion will easily distinguish your app from the rest of the competition. You can expect a reliable mobile app development service to put this approach while developing every application and thus guarantee exemplary products.


Most companies planning to develop a mobile application will often face a dilemma – rely on outsourcing or in-house. The solution is often simple. If you have all the required resources or you lack only one single role (such as a scrum master or an additional frontend developer), then you can probably create the app on your own. And you can easily hire a talented expert or a freelancer to join your team of mobile app designers.

If you do not have an internal team of software developers or mobile app developers; or if your existing team does not have the required experience, the ideal approach would be to use the services of a reputed software development company. You can thus use their experience, avoid errors, save time and finally build a fully-functioning digital product.  Collaborating with a third-party vendor is also an opportunity for your team to learn new things.

However, before you approach a company for app development, it is important to verify the credentials of the mobile app designers and find out more about their resources, previous projects, technological expertise, forms of communication, experience, and business approach.


Everyone wants a unique app. Everyone wants to be disruptive. But it is difficult to make yourself stand out when your mobile app design looks just like everyone else’s. That is why it is the unicity that matters. Keep in mind the tips we have mentioned above and most importantly, rely on an experienced mobile app development service agency to build an outstanding product.

Want to know more about our customized mobile app development and web application development services? Contact our team or let us know in the comments below!


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