A Detailed Guide on App Maintenance Costs

Your Complete Guide to App Maintenance Costs


6 Mar 2024


2:24 AM


6 Mar 2024


2:24 AM

Being aware of app maintenance costs is one thing. As several apps have grown in popularity and functionality over time, certain apps are quickly abandoned by users as well. And the reason? These apps require constant upkeep.

In contrast, you may be concerned about the cost of keeping an app in outstanding shape. It is done by every software development company out there along with their software quality assurance/QA consulting services.

But, is it a waste of time or a worthwhile investment for your company?

Being one of the leading mobile app development services providers, we understand the significance of app maintenance and its accompanying expenses. Here’s a blog that will help you better understand app maintenance costs and the elements that influence them.

Lets get to it.

Explaining App Maintenance Costs

On average, app maintenance costs come around 15% to 20% of the overall app development services cost.

Several factors influence costs when a professional software development company determines the actual cost. Security upgrades, servers, hosting, bug patches, and general performance improvement will all be considered when calculating such costs. Yet, this stage occurs after deployment and launch, but it is crucial for determining the overall cost of the project.

Heres a list of expenses that are based on several aspects.

App Maintenance FactorAverage Monthly Cost
Security Updates$500 $2,000
Bug Fixes and Optimization$1,000 $5,000
Operating System Updates$500 $2,000
Third-Party Integrations$1,000 $5,000
User Support and Feedback$500 $2,000
Server and Hosting Costs$1,000 $5,000

Please keep in mind that the costs for the various factor ranges listed above are approximations.

You now get an overview of the different types of app maintenance costs. As the market growth of app management grows, you also need to keep up with the elements that influence it. So, lets get to know all about it as well.

Factors Influencing App Maintenance Costs

Multiple factors influence app maintenance expenses. These include the app’s complexity, size and scale, the frequency of necessary updates, and compatibility with new operating systems and devices. Maintenance costs can include ongoing support, bug fixes, security updates, software quality assurance, feature upgrades, and more. So lets explore how much it would cost for each factor. The cost ranges shown below are approximations.

1. Security Updates

Security is extremely crucial in the technology field and for every software development company. So, it is necessary to protect the app’s legitimacy and user information. Security updates typically cost about 15% of your maintenance budget. The complexity and frequency of your audits might affect the overall cost, which ranges from $10000 to $500 or $15000 per year.

2. Bug Fixes and Performance Optimization

  • Bug fixes in app development services offer a smooth and bug-free experience. They often cost around 20% of your maintenance costs ranging from $1000 to $8000 every month.
  • QA consulting services play a part in detecting app issues, so that, when an app is optimized, its performance and user experience increase significantly. This will ensure that your app remains quick and efficient even as it develops and adds new features. Performance optimization should account for around 10% of your maintenance budget, with monthly costs ranging from $500 to $5000.

3. Operating System Updates

The app you build must be versatile enough to run with a continuously shifting operating system. This includes optimizing for new operating systems with the help of a professional software development company to ensure compatibility and resolve update challenges.

Maintaining compatibility with the expanding number of operating system upgrades necessitates a monthly investment of around 10% of your overall app maintenance costs. It can range from $500 to $3500 per month.

4. Third-Party Integrations

Several third-party services and APIs charge a subscription fee. This is primarily decided by the nature of the service and the size of the user app. This expense might amount to several thousand dollars every year. To keep your service running effectively, you must include such expenses in your budget with the guidance of expert app development services.

Third-party integration maintenance typically accounts for 10% of your annual maintenance budget. Monthly, it ranges from $1500 to $3000 or $5000 – $10000 annually.

5. User Support and Feedback

Your app’s popularity and user base will be maintained if you respond to customer comments and help requests promptly. A salary allocation is required for paying full-time support staff. Users are more inclined to remain around if problems are rapidly fixed by professional support personnel and software quality assurance.

It is crucial to actively respond to user feedback, whether it is in the form of app stores such as Google Play or Apple App Store, emails, or other channels. This can account for up to 20% of your total app maintenance costs. It can range monthly from $500 to $6000 with quarterly costs amounting to $2000.

6. Server and Hosting Costs

The infrastructure that supports your application accounts for a significant amount of the total cost. This covers the costs of running the server, storing, and sending app data.

The cost of hosting an application varies based on its size and complexity. You may need to upgrade your server design to handle more users and data. This accounts for around 15% to 20% of your normal app maintenance costs.

The Final Say

As you are aware, app maintenance costs are equally vital along with app development which is only a mere half of the entire challenge. Theres no skipping on app upkeep when it comes to supporting your company’s growth. So, investing in mobile app maintenance services is a sensible business move as it completely commits to your applications security and appeal among consumers over time.

So, make sure you partner with a leading software development company to ensure this. They can precisely assess the maintenance needs of your app and design the most effective app maintenance services. They will also aid you in determining the type of maintenance your application requires for enhancing your competitive edge.


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