Conversion Rate Optimization A Practice to Boosts Sales & Revenue

Conversion Rate Optimization: A Practice to Boost Sales & Revenue


16 Dec 2022


7:59 AM


16 Dec 2022


7:59 AM

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the practice of optimizing your website or mobile app in such a way that the share of users who perform a desired action from a website, landing page, ad, or other marketing materials improves drastically. The intended actions (conversions) can be purchasing a product, adding items to a cart, signing up, subscribing, clicking on a link, inquiring, etc.

Any experienced digital marketing company will corroborate the significance of Conversion Rate Optimization in enhancing the likelihood of the visitors taking desired actions from the desired digital platform. The optimization of the website based on visitor behaviour is the key to attaining the desired result. Its all about making your website work smarter and producing qualified leads.

In this blog, we are aiming to explore how Conversion Rate Optimization can help your ecommerce store or online business to have boosted sales and revenue.
Lets dive in straight away.

What is the Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate calculates how many visitors take the intended action from your website or other digital channels. Increasing conversions is essential to create more sales and influence business growth.

To state it in simple terms, the conversion rate of your website or ecommerce store would be the percentage of people who visited the website and made a purchase or did a sign-up, inquiry, or subscription.

You get the conversion rate by dividing the number of conversions by the number of visitors.

Conversion rate = Number of conversions 繩 Number of visitors

If a total of 100 people came to your website and 10 of them made a purchase, your conversion rate would be 1%. Optimizing diverse elements of the page/website/app is the best way to improve the conversion rate.

User-Centric Conversion Rate Optimization

All the above discussion is about the numeric side of Conversion Rate Optimization. It is vital to adopt a more user-centric approach to optimizing your conversion rates. It means that you shouldnt forget the actual people behind these numbers.

Providers of user-centric digital marketing services perceive Conversion Rate Optimization as a practice to focus on recognizing what prompts, halts and encourages your users to be your customer or to choose your products/services. This kind of focus will help your business to offer the best to your potential customers and that in turn leads to more conversions.

Establishing conversion metrics

A high conversion rate is proof of having a well-designed website with all the primary elements of CRO in a prime form. In the same way, a low conversion rate indirectly points to the dismal state of affairs with regard to website performance and design.

The good news is that there is always room for improvement when it comes to Conversion Rate Optimization. Digital marketing companies with a great reputation like Cleffex can help in increasing conversion rate and helping you iterate and improve your website and other digital presence tools to yield the best user experience.

You need to start with establishing conversion metrics before starting with CRO. Spend time analyzing the conversion goals of your online store, website, or ecommerce app. You can define the goals for specific screens or pages as well. Metrics will vary from business to business depending on their nature.

For ecommerce websites, a typical conversion for you may be new purchases, or the number of users adding items to their carts, email signups, subscriptions, or any other key performance indicators (KPIs). For a business website, the conversion goals can be downloading of e-books, whitepapers, newsletter subscriptions, inbound leads, etc.

After setting up the conversion metrics, you can start enhancing your digital customer experiences through conversion rate optimization.

Where to Put Conversion Rate Optimization in Action?

You will begin by identifying the areas to optimize. You can focus on a few primary elements of your website/app that enjoys a fair number of traffic or is already yielding a good number of conversions. Crating your RO in this way will help you see results more swiftly.

1.   Landing page/home page design

Your website home page and landing pages are primary contenders for conversion rate optimization. Besides being the first impression-makers, a well-designed website helps in retaining its visitors and guiding them to the right CTAs and other locations to take action. An aesthetically designed web or app page will yield an enhanced browsing experience with the right links to product information, useful chatbots, strategically placed sign-up buttons, etc.

2.   Website copy

Words on your website (website copy) across your home page, about page, product pages, and other pages is a powerful candidate deserving conversion rate optimization. Every content elements on your website (like headlines, subheads, body copy, and CTAs) and social media posts, and other marketing materials need to be optimized for conversion. Well-crated content that presents your offer as a solution is a great idea. Address your customers pain points in your copy creatively and effectively. Engaging content will surely persuade your prospects to take action immediately converting them as leads.

3.   Pricing Page

Be it goods or services, the visitor reaches a purchase decision ultimately based on the price of the product/service. Therefore, the pricing page of a website or app needs special with regard to conversion rate optimization. You can optimize the page by presenting the pricing and payment details attractively. You can give different pricing intervals and can detail the key features available with each price.

4.   Intelligible lead capture forms 

Lead capture forms should be in an optimum style so that your visitors do not get exhausted by filling out a lengthy form, yet it should be crisp and long enough to get all information. Plan the information that you need to collect well before. Just include only the information that is really essential.

 Wrapping Up

There are many strategies to improve Conversion Rate Optimization and thereby sales and revenue. Approaching an efficient digital marketing company would be the best solution.

Want more help with your conversion rate? Our experts are happy to help!


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