Choosing Between UI UX Design Services and Web Design Services


You might have heard the term ‘UI UX design services’ or ‘web design services’, but do you know the differences between these tech services and the roles associated with them? As a leading web development company offering both these services, let us share our industry expertise. Through this article, you can learn what you should consider when choosing between web development and UX/UI design for your project.

What can you expect from UI UX design services?

UX refers to user experience and UI refers to user interface.

A company that offers UI UX design services starts by identifying what problems businesses have in their operations. They then work out how an app or a website can help solve those problems. Designing is more about solving problems and not just about creating art.

A design needs to fit well within the brand and the capability of the company that needs it. It is a part of the designer’s responsibility to make sure that the business objectives match the requirements of the target customers. An agency offering UI UX design services should be able to attain this responsibility by creating deliverables that best fit the needs of their clients.

What can you expect from web design services?

Web developers write the code to bring the UX designs and ideas to life. Developers use languages like JavaScript, HTML, Ruby, C++, and many more. They connect the required code to real data through APIs and databases, and then they do rigorous testing to make sure that the code works well.

UI UX Design Services vs Web Design Services

When creating a website, the UI UX design services determine what the team should build and what the website should do. The web developers make the website work and make it functional.

Designers and developers are both responsible for writing and evolving project requirements, and working with the respective clients. The best software teams always integrate developers and designers to work together. Methodologies like Agile, Lean or Balanced teams encourage such deep collaboration. Therefore, look out for a web design services agency that follows these practices.

It is not just about having meetings on a regular basis, but actually working together on the same page. The developer needs to code the software in such a manner that the screen looks the way the designer wanted it to look. There are a lot of ways in which you can collaborate.

How to identify a good design service agency?

Some of the popular tools that UI UX design services use are:

  1. Adobe creative cloud, like Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Adobe software is expensive, but a competent design agency is bound to use these tools. Adobe has been a leading name in the industry for a long time. In fact, some of these tools even predate the web. Illustrator and Photoshop actually go back to the 1980s.
  2. Sketch, which is what some UI UX design services use for UX/UI Immersive. Sketch was developed specifically for UX designers from the scratch, whereas most Adobe products (except Adobe XD) have been adapted over time. Also, it costs much less.
  3. Other tools include Invision, which is majorly used for prototyping, and dozens of other apps that can be used as a UX designer.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, a UX designer chooses how the UI should function and the UI designer choose the final appeal and look. The web designer then joins it all together to create cutting-edge website. These services of a UI UX design services company are community-oriented procedures, and these multiple domains will in general work together. While the UX team is working on the flow of the application, the UI team would be chipping away at how these interface components will end up on the screen – and the web designers are responsible for integrating it all.

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If web design services is an umbrella concept, UI and UX design are specialities on it. Anyone who considers themselves as a web designer should be well-versed in UI UX design services as well. You can choose the service that you want or go for a company that offers all. There are even several software development companies that offer these services. It’s all a bit of a mess unless the final aim is precise. Whatever direction you take, it is important to remember that designing is not just about making things look pretty, but also about problem-solving people and communication.

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