A Guide on Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)


10 Jan 2022


8:17 AM


10 Jan 2022


8:17 AM

Web app development services are now taken over by progressive web apps (PWAs) development these days. PWAs are applications that generate a native app-like experience for consumers by utilizing emerging web browser API.

As a result, expert progressive web app development is becoming increasingly popular due to the seamless functionality and outstanding capabilities PWAs can offer. When compared to other mobile app technologies, they have shown to be incredibly user-friendly as well.

This is the reason why major companies such as Alibaba, Twitter, Forbes, and many more are leveraging progressive web apps.

So here is everything you need to know about progressive web app development.


Unlike web app development services, a progressive web application (PWA) is a software application created using multiple programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Progressive web apps are meant to run on any platform that supports a standards-compliant browser, including desktop computers, laptop computers, and mobile phones.

Progressive web apps do not require separate distribution because it is a form of webpage or website. If the web application meets the fundamental installability requirements, it may be published online using progressive web app development. Users can quickly and easily add a PWA (or a website) to their home screen. Progressive web applications do not need to be published in specific app stores such as the Apple App Store.


Progressive web app development is more popular than web app development services due to the following advantages offered by PWAs.

  • Even when you are not connected to the internet, progressive web applications allow you to connect to the website (ensure you’ve visited the PWA at least once in online mode)
  • The page loading speed of PWAs are instant since they are based-on intelligent caching, resulting in lower bounce rates than mobile websites
  • Since they are browser-based, progressive web app development is not platform-specific as PWAs may operate on any operating system.
  • Background synchronization of progressive web apps allows them to update their content while running in the background. New features/updates are effortlessly integrated into the website with a simple page refresh.
  • Indexability for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is better with PWAs using SEO strategies that enable wider audience reach since PWAs are technically websites
  • Push notifications in the form of pop-up windows that encourage user action on click, such as a pop-up for subscribing to a certain feature, are another feature that progressive web apps provide (except iOS). You can use this feature to add a PWA shortcut icon connected to a website to your desktop home screen.
  • Furthermore, progressive web app development is easier, quicker, and are of lower cost than web app development services.
  • Since progressive web apps work on any operating system, you don’t need platform-specific native app development technical competence


Progressive web apps aid in the resolution of issues such as internet speed, poor website loading, and user engagement. PWAs have the following outstanding qualities:

  • Progressive web apps give users a consistently quick experience. Everything happens quickly; from the time a user downloads the app to the time, they begin engaging with it. It is also quick to restart the program without a network.
  • Progressive web app development helps in offering a reliable user experience via PWAs even when the network is down
  • PWAs provide an integrated and seamless user experience. This is because progressive web apps, like native applications, sit on the user’s home screen, provide push notifications, and have access to the device’s features.
  • Since PWAs can send alerts to the user, it can significantly increase engagement by keeping the user informed and involved with the progressive web app.


  • To maintain the privacy, security, and validity of the content, progressive web apps must be delivered or distributed via HTTPS.
  • To create programmable caches, progressive web app development needs to rely on service workers. Unlike traditional HTTP web caches, which store material only after its first use and then mainly rely on its program integrals before publishing it as no longer needed, programmable caches may fetch content in advance before its first use and discard it instantly when it is no longer needed.
  • The manifest should have the following important properties: ‘name,”short name,”start url,’ ‘display.’ Progressive web apps, as a result of this manifest, may be readily shared using a URL and do not require any complicated installation. Third-party app stores can also include PWAs.


Progressive web applications are designed to function on any standard browser. Its major purpose is to make it easier and faster for developers to create cross-platform apps.

PWAs have the following key characteristics

  • Progressive web apps can be easily discovered through regular search engines such as Bing, Google, etc. Its installation is also easier as it gets installed in the background during the first visit
  • Progressive web app development allows access to smartphone features such as fingerprint scanners, GPS, camera or to enrich user experience like a native app
  • PWAs are integrated with HTTPS protocol for better data security, and for its encrypted transmission assuring publisher safety, reliability, and Google search ranking
  • Progressive web apps deliver a native app-like user experience even though both differ entirely from each other
  • With its web-like linkability, the sharing or distribution of PWAs is far more convenient, quicker, and accessible than going through app stores
  • Progressive web apps are highly responsive due to their user interfaces fitting any form factor: desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.
  • It’s been gradually improved, so it’s still useable on a basic level in earlier browsers but completely functioning in the latest ones


PWAs are the future and present of capable mobile app development and web app development services. And, as the number of smartphone users grows, businesses are turning to this progressive web app development technology to reach out to worldwide audiences using various platforms. Progressive web apps, with their tremendous capabilities, provide businesses an advantage and are unquestionably here to stay


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