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7 Ecommerce Online Marketing Tips to Increase Business Sales


23 Sep 2022


6:38 PM


23 Sep 2022


6:38 PM

For years, the share of overall retail sales ascribed to ecommerce online marketing has been increasing with each passing quarter. That booming market is encouraging, but it also indicates more competition. Attracting the appropriate clients may be difficult and expensive for any unique ecommerce firm.

However, there are numerous dials to twist to maximize the effectiveness of your ecommerce digital marketing initiatives. With the support of an established ecommerce SEO agency, you can get it done strategically.

Although, merely having an ecommerce website is insufficient for an ecommerce firm. To be effective, it must be complemented by a larger set of professional ecommerce development and marketing methods. So, lets explore some easy and successful ecommerce online marketing strategies in greater depth for increasing online sales throughout your ecommerce funnel.

Best Ecommerce Online Marketing Tactics to Improve Online Sales

1. Use Google Shopping Ads to Reach In-Market Shoppers

For every ecommerce SEO agency, Google Shopping advertisements are a no-brainer. A Shopping campaign allows you to prominently display your items at the top of Google search results at the precise moment consumers are searching to buy the types of things you sell. Your Shopping advertising can feature product photos, price points, ratings, specials, and other important information that allows customers to easily “add to cart.”

Once you’ve submitted a product data feed to Google Merchant Center and linked your Merchant Center account to your Google Adverts account, Google will produce ads for your items anytime a user searches a relevant query favoring your ecommerce online marketing efforts.

All you need to know is that creating a Google Shopping campaign is an excellent approach to quickly attract a large volume of relevant visitors to your website.

2. Use Display Ads for Remarketing in Ecommerce Online Marketing

According to every ecommerce SEO agency, the average Google Shopping conversion rate is around 2%, But it doesnt mean that Shopping campaigns are a waste of time. Even if it does not result in a sale right away, a click signifies a vital engagement between your company and your prospect.

So, if you want to lure those customers back to your ecommerce site, you may need to perform some further effort through remarketing.

Remarketing boosts your ecommerce online marketing conversion rate by bringing back unsure customers. You can remind them about that pair of shoes they were eyeing last week. You may remind them of the shoes they were considering last week. Perhaps they’re ready to purchase now!

Remarketing campaigns may also be used to target people who found you on Google the next time they visit Facebook!

3. Generate More Sales Revenue with Instagram Shopping

In ecommerce online marketing, the search marketing aspect has a more sales-driven focus to convert low-funnel prospects and social marketing cultivates better brand recognition and unquestionably widens audience reach. But nowadays, every ecommerce SEO agency is using Instagram Shopping and this has been majorly beneficial in narrowing and blurring out the differences between the two mediums.

You may tag your items in your organic feed and Stories posts after creating an Instagram business profile and uploading a product catalog to Facebook. Users who view your organic content no longer need to go to your website to make a purchase; instead, they can just click on the product they desire and follow the link to the appropriate page on your website.

The reduction of friction is what makes social shopping such a powerful ecommerce online marketing approach. Instagram has successfully introduced the power of search to social media by allowing your followers to easily make purchases.

4. Customer Reviews Help Instill Trust

Even though utilizing Instagram Shopping brings a significant amount of traffic to your product pages, you might be doing poorly in terms of those pageviews not translating into purchases at a very high rate. But with customer feedback, you can increase your conversion rate through ecommerce online marketing.

Consumers are wary about investing their money because they have little discretionary resources. And few things are more comforting/compelling than a wonderful review from someone who has actually purchased one or more of your items. Including ratings and reviews on your product pages is a tried-and-true method used by every ecommerce SEO agency for converting more site visitors into consumers.

5. Include Pop-Ups, to Enhance Your Cross-Selling Game

Pop-up windows, which momentarily take over site visitors’ screens to provide them with new offers, are another option to strengthen your ecommerce online marketing game. Pop-ups can be used to attract a potential customer to add other goods to his or her shopping basket or to provide a discount.

Yep, pop-ups do have a bad reputation, but they are highly effective which is why they’re so commonly used by every ecommerce SEO agency. When used specifically to present customers with properly relevant offers, such as a limited-time discount or deal. With proper usage of this tactic, they can generate a significant amount of extra revenue for your company.

6. Gain New Customers with Referral Marketing

You can use the power of referral marketing to convert the passion of your most loyal clients into a consistent supply of new business.

Referral marketing is the process of rewarding your customers to tell others how much they appreciate your company. Of course, the theory is that your prospects are significantly more inclined to believe their friends and family than they are to believe your commercials. Tactically, this ecommerce online marketing tactic is comparable to gathering consumer testimonials; the only exception is that it is more direct. In general, your prospects place more faith in their loved ones than they do in random strangers on the internet.

7. Develop a Mobile App

Creating an app for your business is another ecommerce online marketing approach to make it mobile-friendly. Mobile devices are currently how most people use the internet, and have been for some time; mobile internet use surpassed desktop internet use in 2016. In that regard, a specialized mobile app is a wise choice.

An app may not be appropriate for a small firm, but it is worth exploring for a huge corporation. Apps have several advantages over mobile sites according to every ecommerce SEO agency. They usually load faster than websites, saving both waiting and shopping times. Customers may also view goods more readily than while searching in a web app.

Push notifications/alerts is another significant advantage in ecommerce online marketing. These allow you to inform online shoppers about sales and other special offers. If a product they wish to buy is out of stock, you can leverage an app’s push notification to notify them when it becomes available again.

While developing mobile applications takes time and money, the increased popularity of mobile devices might make them a worthwhile investment. Whatever you choose, make sure your website is mobile-responsive and made visible with the help of an expert ecommerce SEO agency. This is especially vital for a small business; with just 18% of small businesses having one, having a responsive website is a simple way to stand out.

Its Time to Start your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy!

Without a strategic, full-funnel ecommerce online marketing plan, no online firm can survive in an increasingly saturated field. You need to start thinking immediately if you want to keep the sales flowing. So make sure you’ll be in fantastic form by testing a few approaches at each level of the marketing funnel with the help of an established digital marketing or ecommerce SEO agency.


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