Software Development Trends 2022 and Its Benefits


Software development trends 2022 will be even more powerful drivers of business growth. Since 2019, innovative approaches in custom software development services such as microservices and Cloud migration have slingshot business enterprises towards a futuristic long-run.

And the software development trends 2022 where it encompasses technologies and solutions have already become an inevitable part of the software industry. They proved their worth to diverse enterprises and are already a must-have adoption in many projects.

While there are maturing software development trends 2022 happening and spreading across industries, it’s time for us to learn about them. So, we’ll be considering some recent custom software development services and technologies along with their benefits that will surely change the 2022 software industry game and beyond. Alright, let’s dig deeper now.


1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

By 2022, the AI projects of organizations will have skyrocketed. Among the latest trends in custom software development services, it is not so much to integrate AI into existing software but to create AI-first software. AI will be the starting point for software design. It can help businesses in a variety of ways, thanks to technologies like deep learning, speech recognition, and machine vision. AI provides the following business benefits:

  • Help With Critical Decision-Making: The global healthcare sector has embraced the AI software development trend 2022 to help them make informed decisions. AI will help them make such decisions by analyzing millions of lab results, medical records, genetic data, and more. This will help them with improved disease predictions and in devising promising treatment methods.
  • Improved Service Level: AI custom software development services aid in the creation of truly client-centered services. It has innovative technologies such as face recognition that deduces customer emotions to improve sales and marketing efforts. Virtual assistants help in scheduling doctor appointments as well.
  • Quality Assurance and Risk Mitigation. IoT devices in manufacturing send data to AI-based programs that improve production efficiency and predict machinery failures. This software development trend 2022 is also used in agriculture when AI works in tandem with IoT devices to help analyze plants and detect weeds.

2. Blockchain

Blockchain is the other of the software development trends 2022 that enables the transfer of funds and information without the use of an intermediary while also keeping connected data static and transparent. Instead of being saved in a centralized server, data is encrypted, ‘chained’ with other data entries chronologically. It is then distributed among all computer systems in the network which is gained through custom software development services expertise.

Due to the unique manner in which blockchain works, it is being used by businesses other than finance, where it initially appeared: government, healthcare, manufacturing, and distribution. This software development trend 2022 is predicted to reach $20 billion in yearly sales by the end of 2024. Let’s look at which benefits entice businesses to invest in this technology:

  • Data security: This software development trends 2022 uses decentralized data storage aids in the prevention of fraud and security attacks for businesses that handle sensitive information (medical records, industrial IoT records, credit histories). Using custom software development services, it is encrypted and copied to each computer in the system, eliminating the possibility of changing it without the approval of all system members.
  • Contracts Become Smart: This software development trend 2022 enables the creation of contracts that are automatically executed only once all terms have been met. For example, when the payment is validated via blockchain, the products are dispatched. As a result, tampering with contract execution is impossible with such custom software development services.
  • Transparency. Businesses may use blockchain’s distributed ledger to replace paper-based operations, providing complete transparency into transactions and increasing the accountability of all parties involved with this software development trends 2022.

3. Low-Code Development

This software development trend 2022 creates applications without coding by using visual interfaces. Developers drag and drop prebuilt components, while code is automatically generated and may be modified as needed.

This software development trend 2022 was initially utilized on platforms-as-a-service (PaaS) that specialized in a specific type of software (e.g., CRM). However, there are now low-code platforms that enable the creation of practically any type of low-code application. This is one of the trends in custom software development services that is gaining prominence because of major advances in functionality. It is in terms of AI/ML implementation, extensive integration capabilities, and microservices support.

Low-code platforms are expected to be employed in more than 65% of software development projects by 2024, according to projections on software development trends 2022. This is due to the potential that low-code development provides for startups, small companies, and enterprises:

  • Rapid Deployment. It is a software development trend 2022 that enables substantially less time for app development than hand-coded applications, allowing developers to meet the tight deadlines set by the competitive market climate.
  • Better Business Idea Validation with Lesser Risks. When compared to custom software development, low-code platforms help save money. This type of custom software development services are very beneficial for creating a low-cost MVP to see whether a company concept is worth additional investment.
  • Making Up for A Lack of UX Resources. Low-code platforms provide integrated UI frameworks with ready-made blocks and widgets that may be used to develop a user-friendly application without strong UX expertise.

4. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs are web applications that perform similarly to mobile apps but do not require downloading. This software development trend 2022 was desired by 93% of survey respondents to be implemented or under development by the end of 2020. And this software development trend 2022 is expected to continue in 2021. The growing popularity of PWAs is due to two significant advantages:

  • Great User Experience: PWA is 2-3 times quicker than responsive and mobile web pages. The reason why this custom software development services are gaining traction is due to how it can show content even when the server is down, and is resistant to crashes during peak server traffic.
  • Cost And Time Savings in Development. PWA is a mobile app alternative that adapts to all screen sizes and devices. This software development trend 2022 is also quite inexpensive, as you can have both a website and an app for the price of a website.

Businesses that see impressive results from these 2022 trends in custom software development services are ecommerce, hospitality, news sources, and social networks – the services where user convenience is critical.


So, Which Software Development Trends 2022 Will You Capitalize Upon?

Apart from the above-mentioned software development trends 2022, there might be chances that it might be possible to harvest even better benefits from emerging ones. So, make sure you’re always caught up with these trends.

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